Security Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

At Benne Analytics, we are dedicated to safeguarding your data and ensuring your privacy. Our SaaS web analytics platform adheres to the highest security and privacy standards to protect your information.

GDPR Compliance

  • We are fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the privacy of your personal data.
  • We don't use cookies for tracking, preserving your personally identifiable information.

Email Services

We utilize trusted email services to maintain the security of your transactional and account activity emails:

Amazon SESReliable email delivery
MailGunEnsuring email security and delivery
SendyEnsuring email security and delivery. Also, managing our email list.

Customer Relationship Management

Hubspot serves as our CRM tool, keeping your customer data secure and organized.

Live Chat Solution

We employ Crisp as a live-chat solution on our website, offering real-time communication without compromising your privacy.

Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of data protection and privacy for our users.

At Benne Analytics, we prioritize the security of your data and the protection of your privacy.

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October 14, 2023