Perfect Google Analytics alternative. Privacy-first, yet hyper focused on growth.

Respect your users' privacy without compromising on growth-critical business metrics you need for data-driven decisions. Fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

Legal teams love us. Marketing teams love us. Developers love us. You'll love us too.



Have the perfect data-driven analytics platform

Benne Analytics is a simple yet feature-rich analytics platform that helps you measure and analyse your business-critical analytics metrics. Set it in 5 mins and watch analytics data pour in.

Add unlimited websites to your Benne Analytics dashboard.

Add unlimited websites

Add as many websites as you'd like to your dashboard. We don't charge you for adding additional sites.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Custom privacy settings for each site
  • Performance monitoring for each site
  • Pricing based on page views
  • Independent or unified reports for all the sites
Benne Analytics dashboard showing analytics data.

Quick and easy analytics

See your page views, visitors, referrers, clicks, conversions and much more. All in one place.

  • All your sites in a unified dashboard
  • Find out where your visitors are coming from
  • Find out the best performing pages on your website
  • Find out which blog posts are helping the most with conversions
Set up conversion goals for your website in your Benne Analytics dashboard.

Set goals aligned with your business objectives

Intutitive and easy way to set up goals, whether you want to track signups, newletter subscriptions, conversions or all of them.

  • Add as many goals as you would like
  • Use helpful pre-built templates
  • Use advanced regex to set up custom goals
  • Use goals to track something as simple as e-book downloads, or as complex as tracking free trial to paid customer conversion percentage.
Business critical metrics useful for growth.

Optimized for growth

Made by a marketer, keeping marketers in mind. You will always have access to everything you need to make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

  • Inbuilt templates to track effectiveness of your content marketing, email marketing etc.
  • Inbuilt goal templates to track performance of your performance marketing and paid campaigns
  • Detailed guides created by marketing experts to help you get the most insights from your analytics data
  • Request further features that you would want to see in your analytics platform
Get alerts for things that matter the most to your business.

Custom Alerts and Reports

Always be on top of your websites' performance. Get alerts for things that matter the most to your business.

  • Get notifications for slow loading pages, 404 pages, broken links etc.
  • Configure to receive notifications in real time, or as a daily, weekly, monthly digest
  • Receive notifications via emails, slack messages etc.
  • Delegate handling notification responsibilities to team member
Benne Analytics is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR and other privacy regulations all over the world.

100% GDPR Compliant

Switch to a Google Analytics alternative that's fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR and other privacy regulations all over the world. Safeguard your visitors' privacy. Your legal team would love you for this.

  • No cookies
  • No tracking
  • No fingerprinting
  • No IP address tracking
  • No personal data collection

Everything you need in a growth-focused analytics platform

Privacy friendly

An analytics platform that’s fully compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, CCPA and other privacy regulations

Cookie free

We do not use cookies to measure your website analytics. That means, no more need to have those pesky cookie consent banners on your website

Own your data

Your analytics data is owned by you, not Google Analytics, when you use Benne Analytics. Any time you wish to move away, you can get a complete dump of your historical analytics data

Fast website loading speed

Our analytics measurement script is lightweight, so it won’t slow down your website. Yay to page speed, and SEO boosts for improved user experience

Set and track goals

From newsletter signups to trial activations, measure it all. The more goals you set up, the more insights you have at your fingertips

Measure performance of conversion funnels

Not all user journeys are the same. Configure conversion funnels in your Benne Analytics dashboard to identify the most profitable conversion routes for your business

Share your stats publicly

Building your startup in public? Switch on the publicly shareable url of your analytics data, or easily embed it on any page of your website

Grant private access to dashboard

Give access to a team member or a friend. Give access for a day or a year. Give access to just one website, or all of them. Whatever your sharing needs are, we have you covered

"Benne Analytics is the best analytics tool I've ever used. I've tried a few alternatives, and nothing comes close. I love the simplicity, and the weekly insights are super helpful. I have even recommended it to my clients who are happy with it too."

Julia U
Julia U
Founder, Web Design Agency

You'll be in good company

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Join them and 50+ more happy customers using Benne Analytics to track their business metrics.

Behind Benne Analytics

I want you to be able to get maximum marketing insights without getting overwhelmed with data.

Abhishek, Founder of Benne Analytics

Hey 👋
I’m Abhishek, the founder of Benne Analytics.

When it comes to website analytics, Google Analytics has always reigned supreme. More than 60% of all websites out there use Google Analytics. And yet, it is one of the most complex tools a business owner, or a marketer can use.

To make matters worse, it has already been deemed illegal in a number of EU jurisdictions, and more countries are expected to follow suit.

Initially I started building Benne Analytics to solve the first problem - how to get the most relevant and pertinent information from my analytics data, in as little time as possible. And quickly I realised there is a crucial need to address the privacy part as well.

Now, there are already a few privacy-friendly website analytics tools out there, and I applaud and deeply respect the incredible job most of them are doing to address and respect the privacy of the ‘forgotten’ website visitor.

So why should you use Benne Analytics?

Because while privacy will always be a core guiding principle of our work, our central focus is and will always be to help businesses achieve growth - better, and faster.

To that end, the product will always be built with the objectives and goals of marketers and business owners. I have been a marketer all my life, and have led growth teams that have driven hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to the businesses I have worked with. I know what customer metrics matter to different business objectives, and how to draw actionable insights from raw analytics data.

Benne Analytics would be solving the data-driven decision making needs of marketers across all industry verticals, without becoming messy or complicated the way Google Analytics has become over years. And yes, without ever compromising on the privacy of your website visitors.

— Abhishek, Founder

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