Are there any cookies on this website?

We do not use cookies for tracking, preserving your personally identifiable information.

Your Privacy Matters

At Benne Analytics, we prioritize your privacy. Our SaaS web analytics platform is designed to be completely cookie-free and fully compliant with GDPR regulations. We want to ensure you understand how we handle any potential cookies and tracking technologies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website. They are often used to track user interactions and gather data for various purposes. However, Benne Analytics and our analytics platform does not employ cookies for tracking website visitors.

Usage of Third-Party Tools

To provide the best service and user experience, we do utilize some third-party tools, including:

  • Amazon SES, Sendy and MailGun: These services handle transactional and account-related emails.
  • Hubspot: Our CRM solution for managing customer interactions.
  • Crisp: A live-chat solution on our website for immediate support.

These tools may use cookies independently, but we do not share your personally identifiable information with them. You can learn more about their cookie policies by visiting their respective websites.

For more information, you can refer to the following policy pages: Respecting your privacy | Usage of our product | Keeping your information secure | Questions we get asked | Contacting us

Last updated

October 14, 2023