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like having a team of analysts working for you at fraction of the cost

Data is meaningful only when applied in context of business growth. But that requires having a team of marketing experts and analysts to go through your data, identify growth indicators and then act on them. All of that takes money. A lot of it. Well. No more!

Starter Plan


/ month

$99 paid annually Or, $12 paid every month

50,000 monthly pageviews

Insights - monthly, by email

Single user access

Custom goals/events - 2

Alert integrations - 1, by email

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Economy Plan


/ month

$1188 paid annually Or, $119 paid every month

300,000 monthly pageviews

Insights - weekly, by email

3 team members

Custom goals/events - 5

Form Analytics - 1 form

Alert integrations - 3, by email

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Growth Plan


/ month

$2388 paid annually Or, $259 paid every month

500,000 monthly pageviews

Insights - Weekly (email, dashboard)

Team members - Unlimited

Custom goals/events - Unlimited

Form Analytics - Unlimited

Dashboard on custom domain

Alert Integrations - email, slack, browser notifications

*Widgets for desktop, browser, mobile devices

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got your back. Every step of the way.

Our plans are optimised for growth, and it is always our effort to help you get the most value at any stage. If you have any feedback, do let us know.

Do you have a free plan?
Unfortunately, no. We do, however, offer a 90 day no-questions-asked refund assurance on all annual plans.

If you are a non-profit organization, a student, or want to use Benne for your personal blog/portfolio, reach out to us. We will work something out for you.

What are insights?
Data is only meaningful when applied in the context of growth, and that is what we are endeavoring to help you with via insights.Insights are actionable pieces of information that will help you shape up your marketing strategy as well as day-to-day marketing activities, all aligned towards growing your traffic and business further. Insights identify, isolate and highlight growth signals for you. Things that otherwise would have been buried deep down in the overall noise of traffic data. If you are getting an increasing number of visitors because of some factor, Insights will highlight those so that you can do more of those activities and grow your traffic even more.
What happens if I cross the pageview limit on my plan?
Absolutely no harm. Even if you cross your pageview limit threshold, the system will continue to measure all traffic activity as well as insights exactly the way it should. If you consistently break the pageview limits, we would ask you to upgrade your account to the next plan, or add add-ons to your account. But, at no time, would your traffic measurement or analysis would be negatively impacted.
How do I set up alerts?
Right now, alerts are automated. They are designed to bring to your attention any anamolous behavior. Whether it is a traffic spike, a drop, or unexpected server issues, as soon as system detects it, you would know about it.

We are in the process of adding in the functionality to set up custom alerts and alert trigger rules. Stay tuned!

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