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of raw data. Power up your business with contextual data analysis

Website Analytics. But, so much more than that. Made for ambitious entrepreneurs, built by marketers. And marketers always think of growth.

No marketing expertise required

A tool designed to invoke action. What should your marketing be focused on? Get an answer to that in less than 60 seconds.

Simplified, yet insightful view

Get only the most critical data on your dashboard. Datasets that most matter to you.

Always connected.

With integrations for browsers to email to Slack, never miss out on critical information.

Easy to integrate with your website

Wordpress, Nextjs, Nuxtjs, Bubble, Shopify. No matter what powers your website, get Benne for your site in 5 mins.

# For now, access to Benne is by invitation only. Create a free account to request access and be notified when you're invited.

Made for what you do

Benne has been designed as per
your expectations

Products should fit your working methodology, not the other way around. Which is why we have designed Benne based on what your daily routine looks like, and what you would expect from a growth-enabling product.

For content creators

Decade of the content creators! As you focus on creating valuable content, Benne would help you increase the size of the audience you reach.

For solo entrepreneurs

A one man army! You need a tool that helps you drive growth, without eating up on your time. Time you are always short on. Benne will help you plan out your daily marketing tasks in as little as 5 mins.

For SaaS businesses

More traffic = more subscribers, more trial activations.
Which in turn means a higher MRR. Its all in the numbers, and numbers Benne delivers.

For the small business owner

Effective marketing also means having a team of analysts pouring over endless data. Small sized teams don't have the luxury of hiring team of analysts. With Benne, you won't need to.

Be 100% satisfied

about the product? We've got the answers.

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking for growth ask us questions all the time. Here are some questions we get asked often. If you have any additional questions, we are just a tweet away.

Why should I choose Benne over Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is quite a powerful tool indeed. However, its main objective is to serve Google's own data needs and not yours. Which is why the data you get to see is often incomplete, inaccurate and delayed, while Google gets access to the 'good stuff'. We, on the other hand, have one and only one goal. To help your growth objectives using your data. That is our only singular focus, with no ulterior objectives.

You can read about other people's experience with GA here, here and here.

Google Analytics is free. Why would I pay for this?
Yes, for most websites, Google Analytics is free. Because of the same reasons we explained earlier. Because for Google it is less about the business, and more about a 'data-pipeline'. Essentially Google is giving you its analytics product, and in exchange taking in your customers data for itself. And even though it takes from you invaluable customer data, you often end up getting delayed, incomplete and inaccurate overview of your traffic data.
Why would I not use some free self-hosted tool?
You could. There are a few out there. And yes, they are free to use, but only in the sense that you don't pay the company for the product. But you will find that they aren't completely free. You would be paying $10-$20 per month to host the product, and then there are paid add-ons to get the most out of the product's capabilities. At the end, you would be spending hundreds of dollars every year on a product you initially thought of as 'free'. With us, any web analytics capability we currently have, or develop in future would be auto-included in your plan. Custom, actionable insights is the only premium add-on we have, but even without it, you would find your product experience to be far better than what you are used to.
I am not a technical person. Will that be a problem?
Absolutely not. The product is simple enough to integrate with your website, and we have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to integrate it for most major platforms. Whether your website runs on Wordpress or Gatsby, we have a detailed 5-min installation manual for you.

The installation manual has steps, screenshots and references to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

How can I start using the product?
We are in private beta right now. So, to start using the product, you need to request access. Once you have been invited, you would start seeing your traffic data on your newly activated dashboard within minutes.
What about my current traffic data?
Once you have been invited, mention your data requirements to your account manager and we'll see if we can help you out with it. Although it is slightly tricky at the moment, but if it's possible, we would definitely help you out.

Data import, at the moment, is an optional one-time paid service, for businesses that need to import their past traffic data from Google Analytics etc.

If I need help, who should I contact?
You would be in direct contact with your account manager for the first few months by mail. He would make sure your transition to Benne is smooth and your analytics needs are being met. Any queries or concerns you have during this time, he would help you with them. Even after that, our support team would always be there to help you out with anything.
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