Why Businesses Choose Our Analytics Platform

A simple, yet robust web analytics solution that respects user privacy and adheres to GDPR regulations.
That's us!

Drawing insights from data has always been a tricky business. You need to know what to look for, how to interpret it, and what to do with it. And that's just the beginning.

With time, even the tools that faciliated collection of this data have become more and more complex.

Google Analytics, and other analytics tools, are great for collecting data, but they have bloated it up so much that it has gotten more and more confusing with time.

Yes, they give you tons of reports. But to start, you need to first understand where to find those reports. Where to fetch the data from. And if you are successful doing all that, then comes the analysis part.

That is why even seasoned marketers and business owners struggle with analytics. It's not their fault. The tools are just too complex.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Enter Benne Analytics

Benne Analytics is a simple tool for your website. It has a simple and easy to follow dashboard, that showcases all your most crucial business metrics in a glance.

The data you see is clear and easy-to-understand.

It doesn't pry into your visitors' private and personal information, making your website compliant with privacy regulations.

And the best part, once again, is how easy it is to use, with all the important numbers right on one screen.

What Benne Analytics focuses on

When we started Benne Analytics, we were focused on two main goals:

  • Protect Visitors' Privacy: We make sure your websites' audience's personally identifiable information always stays anonymous and follow all the rules to keep it private. Unlike how it is with Google Analytics, when you use Benne Analytics, you won't need those annoying GDPR or cookie banners on your site just because you are using an analytics tool.

  • Keep The Data Dashboard Simple Easy to use, easy to follow, easy to get value out of. We want to make sure you get the data you need without any fuss. Our dashboard is straightforward and runs on smart technology.

In the past, analytics tools gave you loads of complicated reports, making it hard to figure out what to do with the numbers. Some even needed experts to understand the data. We're here to change that!

Key Features:

  • Privacy-Friendly: We don't use cookies or intrusive tracking methods, ensuring a user-centric approach.
  • GDPR Compliant: Rest easy, knowing your data handling practices align with strict data protection standards. In addition to GDPR, we are also compliant with CCPA, PECR, and other privacy regulations.
  • Business Metrics Monitoring: Gain valuable insights into your critical business metrics for informed decision-making.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Tailor your analytics experience with personalized dashboards.
  • Real-time Data: Stay on top of your data in real-time, allowing you to respond quickly to changing trends.

Why Choose Us?

  • We respect privacy and prioritize data protection.
  • Stay compliant with GDPR effortlessly. Your legal team would love you for this.
  • Monitor your KPIs for business success.
  • Customization for a tailored experience.
  • Real-time insights for timely actions.

Join us on the journey toward ethical, GDPR-compliant web analytics. Your success is our mission!