Fully Loaded, Yet Simplified

simplistic view you'll love, without compromising on capabilities

The more features a product has, the more complex it is to use. Think again! Benne is loaded with features, and yet your dashboard is both intuitive and clean.

Actionable insights designed for growth
Rich analytics. All your web traffic data
Privacy focused. No personal data tracking
Multiple websites in one dashboard
Manage team for different websites
Integrate with your favorite platforms
# For now, access to Benne is by invitation only. Create a free account to request access and be notified when you're invited.
Insights you would want to check every morning

You need to engage with your Twitter audience on this tweet. 30% of your traffic is coming from France. Your pricing page has an unusually high bounce rate. Know what requires your immediate focus. Benne will point you in the right direction so that you don't ever need to ask for directions. You focus on executing, we will give you areas to execute on.

Get an exact idea of what drives traffic

Where should you double down on your marketing muscle? Should you focus more on Facebook or Twitter. Do you continue posting on Indiehackers or Hackernews? Get an exact overview of what is driving traffic to your website. Wherever your visitors may be coming from, we've got your back. And we mean, wherever they may come from. Wherever!

GDPR notices? Annoying consent popups? You don't need that

We respect your vistors' privacy. Unlike Google Analytics, we don't collect their personal information, or track them across sites. You'll never need a cookie banner just because you're using our product.

Spend time growing your businesses, not switching accounts

Products like Cloudflare analytics allow you to have only one website on your dashboard. 5 websites? You'll need to create 5 accounts! Spend your time working on growing your business, not switching between different accounts. With Benne you can add all your websites in one dashboard. Log in once, and you're all set!

Got a team? We've got you covered

Want to give access to team members? Vendors? Manage different team and members for each website? Done, done and done. Do it within minutes from your website's settings. Grant access to someone new, or revoke access for an old member, we don't judge.

Always accessible. Easy integrations for your favorite tools and platforms

Want to get a daily report on email? Slack? Set it up, and forget about it. Want to get alerted every time there is some anamolous behavior? Done! Quick setup integrations for all your usecases.

Benne Analytics

Simple, light weight analytics. Web performance metrics. Growth Insights. Performance Alerts. All in one place. All available everywhere.

Simplified interface, with a power-packed engine under the hood.


We're here for you.

Hit us up for anything. Questions about growth. Feature requests. Normal chit chat. Pasta recipes. Whatever you want to talk about, we're game.

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