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Every day we are working hard to make sure you have the best growth platform you will ever need. Part of that effort is answering any questions you may have. Here are answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

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How can I start using the product?

Create and activate your account. Add your first website. Insert the tracking code you get in your website. Done! You are done with the setup and your traffic data will start reflecting on your dashboard now.

Can I add more than one website?

Yes. Based on the plan you are using, you will see the option to add more websites in your dashboard. The same simple process as before. Our intuitive website setup wizard will guide you through the process.

Is my dashboard private?

All dashboards are private by default. In our upcoming releases, you would be having the option of making your dashboard public, if you want to. (If that is what you are looking for, send us a mail and we would help you out.)

Why would I want a public dashboard?

It's a choice. Completely on you. Many startups follow the open culture and share their numbers with the world. If you are one of such businesses, we want to assist you in your endeavor to be transparent and open.

Can I make just parts of my dashboard public?

At the moment, no. This feature is on our roadmap, but it will take us some time before we can get to it.

What are insights?

Till now, you needed to look and analyze your website data to draw conclusions on how your website is doing, how customers are finding you etc, and based on an analysis of all this data you would be formulating your marketing strategy. Benne takes away all the hours you would spend doing this analysis and presents to you the results. Results you can use to formulate your marketing strategy.

I just created an account and I am not seeing any insights. What should I do?

Insights are dependent on data. If you have just added a website, there is no traffic data to draw insights on. Give it a couple of days and as your website starts accumulating traffic data, you would start seeing insights. The more data our insights engine has access to, the better insights you would get.

I have two websites added to my dashboard, and I am seeing very different kind of insights on them. Why?

Insights are optimised for growth. So depending on your website, the growth parameters would be different. A website that is receiving low traffic would receive insights focused solely on growing its traffic base, while a high-traffic website would be getting insights from all sorts of different categories.

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