Simplified Web Analytics

Your website traffic can now boost your month-on-month growth

Web analytics should be more than numbers and charts. Benne is a privacy friendly website analytics that delivers actionable insights . Steps you should take to grow your traffic and customerbase faster than ever before.

Simple web analytics

No more navigating through a labyrinth to check out meaningful data. Get it all at your fingertips with an easy to use interface.


Privacy is paramount

Google Analytics spying on your customers? Switch to Benne and respect your customers' privacy. Treat them right.


It's all about growth

Our analytics engine is modeled to do one thing. Help you grow faster, grow better. Our success is tied to yours.


Worthy of being your partner in growth

is always working.
So you can focus on running your business.

From traffic sources to network overloads, we've got you covered.
Never be late in taking actions on things that matter.

Traffic Insights

What's driving traffic to your website, and how can you use that knowledge to increase it further?
Data is most meaningful when applied in context of growth. Now you'll have that.


Aligned to your business goals

What are you focused on? Traffic? Newsletter subscribers? Signups? Configure it in your command center and make it a priority. Our insights engine will take care of the rest.


Evolving Insights Engine

With normal web analytics tools, you need to struggle to figure out what you are looking for. With Benne, you get insights you didn't even know you needed.


Website performance

Large javascript files, unoptimized images, subpar server. Anything can affect the performance of your website. But the end result is the same, bad customer experience.
Not anymore.


Built on top of a rock solid foundation

robust analytics tool makes the foundation of our platform

A strong superstructure needs a strong foundation to support it. Deep, strong, firm and dependable. That's why we chose to build Benne on top of Matomo's web analytics engine. We are making an already amazing infrastructure even more useful.

2.67 million

Businesses have put trust in Matomo's web analytics expertise, way ahead of Hotjar, Mixpanel, Cloudflare Analytics, Adobe Analytics etc.


Of all web analytics systems being used by high traffic websites, Matomo leads most securing the second position.

With brands like ahrefs, Etsy, Freepik, 9gag and Sourceforge using Matomo, their capability speaks for itself.

Time for your business to make the right change

Respect your customers' privacy, and grow your business at the same time.
  • Actionable insights
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Uncluttered design
  • Manage team's access
  • Integrate with slack
  • Email alerts
  • Push notifications
Benne Analytics

Simple, light weight analytics. Web performance metrics. Growth Insights. Performance Alerts. All in one place. All available everywhere.

Simplified interface, with a power-packed engine under the hood.


We're here for you.

Hit us up for anything. Questions about growth. Feature requests. Normal chit chat. Pasta recipes. Whatever you want to talk about, we're game.

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